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Great Britain simulation in Simutrans Experimental

Started by Carl, May 25, 2011, 03:43:48 PM

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Cheer's mate. One correction need to be made: London Bridge SE schedule swichover need to be made, Class 700's on the Thameslink line, GN Class 387's and London PAD - Hayes and Harlington GWR Class 387 services to be intoduced in the next update. :D


Yep, there is still plenty left to be done. The Hayes & Harlington services are only at peak times, I think? If so, they won't be added to the map as it's simulating an off peak timetable. Are GW using 387s on any off peak services?


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Also may I have the updated version of the GB map please and have a look on my bridges over bridges comptition please? This pakset is good enough to enter. :)


Happy new year! Here's an []updated savegame[/url] with progress from the past few weeks. Mostly I've been rebuilding cities in the West Sussex and Brighton area.

Some screenshots:

Brighton, Hove & Worthing

Chichester, Bognor Regis & the Selsey Peninsula

And the full changelog:

- Woking rebuilt (with bus from Guildford to Camberley)
- Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton rebuilt: and buses
- Horsham & Arun Valley rebuilt: bus to Guildford
- Worthing rebuilt: buses to Crawley and Midhurst
- Brighton & Hove rebuilt
- Crawley rebuilt (but not Gatwick yet)
- Aldershot-Yateley bus

Next up will be sorting out the timetable changes on the Brighton main line, including adding new models for Thameslink & Gatwick Express. I'll hold off on the Class 700s until the major timetable overhaul, however.


Don't forget about the Northern Electrics services! Also can you devide the trains that Lewis sent to us for the next update please? :)


which ones do you need theirs quite a lot there?



Here is the updated savegame. Some screenshots below, followed by a changelog:

Eastbourne, Hailsham and Beachy Head

Zoomed-out shot of Sussex, including Crawley, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Arun Valley, Brighton & Lewes
This image shows what's different in my "second pass" on this map - none of the area inbetween the rail lines was coveredfirst time round.

Full changelog
- Thameslink Class 377 added - no more 319s on the BML. No Class 700 for now - I'll do this when the new Thameslink timetable comes in next year.
- Thameslink BML timetables updated
- Southern BML timetables updated
- Gatwick Express Class 387 added
- Mid Sussex built and rebuilt (Haywards Heath and surrounds) including buses
- Lewes & Uckfield rebuilt - including buses to Brighton & Tunbridge Wells
- Eastbourne rebuilt - with a bus to Hailsham and Tunbridge Wells

Since I've overhauled the Brighton Main Line timetable, it's possible there will still be glitches and blockages.


In the next update (thats if I don't update it), can you update the Tottenham Hale - Stratford line please due to the opening of Lea Bridge (Road) station. :)


RIP 319s on the Simutrans BML November 22nd 2012 - January 21st 2017.  :(


Blockages at Manchester. Picture:


Thanks - will look into it. Unrelatedly (I presume), I fixed a blockage at Blackfriars related to the Thameslink changes.

In other news: coming soon...


In the next update of the GB map, can you make all the timetables like shown in the picture below please. In my version, I have made big changes to timetables. Also, where blockages are common, I have changed the timetable (schedule) to make blockages less common. Also, in places where blockages WILL be common, I have also made single lines double track so that trains can not block the line. :)


Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy a new Youtube video featuring a journey along the West Coastway from Brighton to Southampton. I also talk about why I'm revisiting this map and what I've been changing. Enjoy!

One thing I forgot to mention: I haven't simulated any of the reduced service on Southern due to strikes. The map has the full normal timetable.

fam621: thanks for the suggestions. The 400% wait-for-load is necessary to simulate the real-life timetable. I have made small changes to the real timetable where there have been blockages, but I won't make any changes that detract from realism. I have made some changes at Manchester Victoria that should fix the blockage you found last week. I'll upload that in due course.


I should note that the 400% thing is no longer required in the latest development builds of Experimental, as there is a new "wait for time" option.
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Here's an update to the savegame which fixes the Blackfriars and Manchester Vic issues while expanding the revamp to Hastings and Ashford.

- Hastings, Bexhill, and towns between Hastings and Tunbridge Wells all rebuilt
- Ashford (Kent) rebuilt
- Marshlink line towns rebuilt
- Ashford, Hastings and Bexhill buses
- Class 375 update (minor)
- Class 171 update (major)

Here's a screenshot of Ashford in Kent, with Ashford International station:

Ashford Intl is where the highspeed line from St Pancras meets conventional lines from Tonbridge, Maidstone, Dover, Canterbury and Hastings. It actually has more tracks than this. It has two through lines, and a bypassing line on HS1. I've not added those as they aren't used in domestic off peak service and the station already takes up a lot of space. In fact, I think only 4 platforms are normally used for domestic trains - the middle island is for Eurostar trains. I've rebuilt the track layout on the west of the station, as it wasn't totally accurate before.

I'll add Lea Bridge next time as it slipped my mind this week.


fam621, I can't rebuild everything on my version *and* your version - obviously that is twice as much work. You are welcome to maintain your own version of the map, but the consequence is that you won't get my future updates on your version. I think we're blockage-free for now, but if you can find others then I will always fix them.


Here you go, not everything is there, i've taken a lot out majorly stuff i'm not happy with.

Also the 421's wont work on Carl's new map



Got around to rebuilding Gatwick Airport today. Screenshot below (full size here). I think I'll add some domestic flights to the map at some point, but they'll be for show only (i.e. they won't carry any passengers to avoid distorting the rail network passenger flows).

I'm also thinking about adding some non-passenger trains to the map (finally). A railhead treatment train (which I think this is) looks like an easy starter.


Good ideas but they will kind off cause blockages in the passenger traffic areas.


A little bit of repetition. I've never tinkered with the default airport runway/taxiway graphics so I thought I'd have a go at that today. Also altered the airport car park and added a new 'ground square' to fill the blank space at airports. I made it as bright as I could stand, but the real thing seems to be even lighter in colour. Below is the same screenshot from yesterday with the changes made.

I uploaded the changed png files - here. The taxiway and runway are adaptations of the original pak64 graphics. Attribution to Timothy Baldock for the runway, if the dat files are to be believed.

fam621 - non-passenger services could cause problems, but I'd only use real time tables - so those would hopefully be designed to avoid interfering with passenger workings. We'll see!


Any possibility of adding Kirkstall Forge and Apperly Bridge, and Grand Central services? Also updating East Coast trains to the new Virgin livery? :)