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General pak64 feedback here

Started by colonyan, December 05, 2008, 09:03:00 PM

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IN experimental you can apply any setting you like. In standard your speed will depend very much on the setting of bits_per_month and the actual clock display (96h per month or daywise). As a simulation cannot achieve any granulaty that would even come close to reality (otherwise trains would bei easily 12 km long, and even buses 500m), the speeds are optimized for playing.

If you feel everything runs a factor of 2 too slow, increase bits_per_month by one. This will slow down the passing of time by a factor of two.


Sorry, but don't know where bits_per_month is. Is it in the

Also, I'm still wondering. Does 1 tile in pak.64 represent 1km?

Simutrans - the open source Transport Tycoon Deluxe clone.


In terms of city size or city distances, it is about 1km. In terms of vehicle or house sizes it is rather 25m. In case of ships it is in between. There is no clear answer possible, since for the sake of simulation and playability a total matching of scales is not possible. (This problem is inherent of all simulations games.)

The bit_per_month settign you will either find ein the extended settigns for a map or in It is highly recommended to not touch this during a running game but one alter it at the start of a game.


What are the potential problems if one changes bits_per_month during a running game?


Messing up finances in the statistics. Change of values of older vehicles. Unintended long waiting time for vehicles. Maybe also some factory production issues.

If you not care about statistics, then only the different waiting time is affecting you and maybe a change of factory production.


Does something like exist somewhere else, or have I come up with something new here?



I had a nagging suspicion that I had seen something like my vehicle listing before, but I never thought of checking simutranslator. As far as I can see, it's only for vehicles, though.

I have uploaded a newer version of the report with images for factories, PDF bookmarks, and a section for attractions. I'm surprised how many factories that were still unknown to me after all these years of playing.


I noticed that there is some unneeded white space between Lithuanian city names (some of city names are combined) so i corrected it. And reupload it here.